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Exhibition Archive NOV/DEC 2022

Twenty-One Twenty-One is an imagination of Hong Kong in year 2121 by architectural poet Wyan Yeung. A hundred years later, some inhabitants on Earth might moves to Mars, while some stay. This suffocating living environment forces the residents to purify their secular desire for fancy living spaces to internal dialogues in mind and soul. As “nano-flats” have become a norm, "coffin terrace”, “windowless toilet”, and "windowless kitchen” have become old-fashioned slangs among the elderly. “Nano-flats” thus became part of the torrent of history, being displayed as museum artifact in Twenty-One Twenty-One.



Twenty-One Twenty-One

Wyan Yeung

《二一二一》展覽分為左右兩個平衡宇宙空間,兩者均承載了建築詩人楊理崇對一百年後世界的想像 —— 二一二一年,或許部份的香港人移⺠到火星繼續生存,仍留在地球的香港人,窮一生精力為自己的百呎單位盡心盡力供款。居住環境迫使「納米樓」居⺠對居所的慾望,由物理上的感觀體驗轉化到虛擬元宇宙乃至身心靈的思考層面。隨著對「納米樓」越來越習以為常,「棺材式露台」、「黑廁」或「黑廚」這些術語變成長輩間的口述歷史。「納米樓」於是成為歷史洪流中的一部分,於《二一二一》展覽中以博物館古物的姿態陳列。

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