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Vision & Mission/

"Machine & Art NOW Ltd." is an interdisciplinary art collective founded by composer Gaybird Leung in 2020. The group aims to gather talented designers, artists, and researchers who are interested in arts and technology, foster the research and development of collaborations between art and technology through the creation of new artistic works, and facilitate and stimulate the incorporation of technology in the cultural industry.


Human & Machine NOW 活人電機 (2022)

Media and technology are already forming an extension to the human senses. The relation between human and machine (technology) is intricate as we use technologies to assist in the building of our life and future and use different digital media to connect with and to find out about the world. With the focus centered on humans and machines, this programme looks at exploring the changes happening around us through sounds, spaces and the environment from human senses and body. The interactive workshops featuring different topics seek to introduce to the public the possibilities modern technologies bring to media and performance arts. What is important is that in addition to learning about the technological know-how, this programme aims to bring together the public living to co-create, and to experiment with innovative multimedia art for the benefit of the society.

This programme is jointly led by three artists of different backgrounds with other collaborative artists and technical designers in the development and curation. The three artists are: GayBird LEUNG (composer/media artist), Ata WONG (director/choreographer/drama instructor) and Vanissa LAW (composer/media artist).

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