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Exhibition Archive APR-JUN 2023

Music for 9 九重奏

GayBird 梁基爵 

Truth is never complete. History may rhyme, but it never repeats itself. In this digital age, facts can be destroyed, amplified, or manipulated by viewpoints and perspectives. Reality can be depicted through fragmented facts, while truth can be reduced to individual cases. As we begin to feel numb towards the distortion of reality, can the fragmented present shape an alternative mode of completeness?


Hong Kong Composer and Media Artist GayBird’s Music for 9 Exhibition

Reintegrating the sound of close-to-completeness

While the number ’10’ represents completeness in Chinese culture, ‘9’ may sound incomplete because it is ‘1’ short to be considered whole. However, the deficiency of ‘9’ creates possibilities. Avoiding preset ceilings encourages us not to take things for granted. Complex images could be seen on a monitor without a light source; a robotic dog on a leash might still be able to go wherever it could; ‘Ode to Joy’ with no tones might evoke another kind of delight.